At Japanese Knotweed Group we make every effort to offer the best possible service so that you don’t have reason to complain. However, if there is something you’re not happy with, we’d like to hear from you right away so we can try to put matters right, quickly and efficiently.

How to report a complaint:

At Japanese Knotweed Group we pride ourselves on our customer experience, however we do understand that from time to time things do not always go to plan. In these instances we would always encourage you to speak with your Account Handler in the first instance to resolve any concerns. Our staff are well trained and are on hand to support you with any situation.

If your Account Handler has been unable to resolve your complaint, we would ask that you inform us of any issues formally in writing, using one of the following channels -

Email: Send us an email via our website (

Telephone: 01883 336602

We ask that all complaints are put in writing as soon as possible to allow us to investigate fully. All such complaints will be investigated fully before we respond. Our intention is to resolve your concerns within 48 hours. Sometimes it may take longer to investigate fully, and if this happens, we will let you know within three working days. The latest that you will receive a response is within 15 working days.

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